Hashimoto’s Healthy

On Tuesday morning last week, I took a seat in the waiting room of the doctor’s office.  I was ready,  as ready as I could be.  Desiring a clear diagnosis for the last 10 years has allowed me to feel the spectrum of emotions.  These emotions have ranged from hopeful to jaded and everything in between.  But I did not wait for the doctor assuming the worst.  You see, part of my story is that I’m really used to hearing the words, “You’re fine.” In these years, I have been diagnosed with a few different conditions, but my symptoms only continued to worsen.  Yet, as far as the doctor was concerned, I ate a healthy diet and I exercised.  I was the model patient with a minor low thyroid issue, and the doctor just couldn’t quite figure out the right dosage.

I wanted a diagnosis, clarity, an action plan as I waited for my name to be called.  Over the past year, I have resigned from 3 different jobs because of my health.  I’ve spent time scaling back, taking time for solitude, self-care, cooking, leisurely exercise, reading, writing, counseling, doctor’s appointments, healing.  You can be sure that I will blog more about this later.  But even as I pursued health to the greatest extent I knew how, I still was exhausted, unsure of how to help myself.  More than that, I was losing grasp of how to relate to others well.  Social situations grew more and more taxing.  Some days I was bedridden without a logical reason.  Others, I could get up, but making a meal and washing dishes warranted two hours of lying on the couch.  There still were alright days sprinkled in, where I could enjoy the company and conversation of a friend.


Yet, as I waited, I wanted answers. 

As the doctor led me through lab results, treatment plans, and charts he explained that I have Hashimoto’s disease. Hashimoto’s is an auto-immune disorder where antibodies damage the thyroid gland, inhibiting the process of making thyroid hormone. After the medical explanation, the doctor started to talk time line of my treatment plan.

Twelve to Twenty-four months. 

Many months (probably a lifetime) of crazy restrictive eating, yoga, slow rhythms, and supplements, hoping for increased energy and joy.  Now, this isn’t new.  Most everything is just more of the same, just refined with greater clarity.  And also add amino acid injections every 3 weeks.

The two biggest questions I get are:

1. How are you feeling?

2. Can Hashimoto’s be reversed? 

To #1, I’m thankful and tired.  Every day is still a lot of hard work.  But I’m thankful for a great doctor and nutritionist who listen well and help plan treatment that is going to be most helpful for me.

To #2, the answer is “Time will tell.”  I may never be 100% again, but it’s still possible for me to regain lost strength, energy, and stamina.

My goal is to be Hashimoto’s healthy.  As healthy as I can be in my worn out body, that just wants a break most days. As healthy as I can be, even if I’m still exhausted.  As healthy as I can be, even if results take time.  Or don’t come.

What do you desire for your health?  In what ways are taking care of yourself right now?



2 Replies to “Hashimoto’s Healthy”

  1. after 7 years of intermitent and non commited exercising, having 2 sons and moving from continent I have started running again. This is my 3rd week and I am really into it, I love it! I used to run when I was single and did a few 10K competitions, but then life sort of happen, had the boys and felt a bit guilty of leaving them to run ( plus the commitments in the house just became bigger and bigger). Also moved to this country and had to learnt to deal with seasons…I used to run in the streets of a caribbean city where it was warm and nice even at 5 AM, while here a good day in winter means above freezing so I just couldnt get my head around running in this conditions. 3 weeks ago I bought an inspiring book and stop making excuses. I am running in the afternoons from the office to my house ( so about 4 km 3 times per week). I am not sure if I have lost a lot of weight but my clothes do feel looser than before. I have signed for a 10K in May and brained washed my very british husband to run with me ( and he find running EXTREMELY boring! but is enjoying the benefits of exercisng!). I try to eat less rubbish and drink more water but must admit I am not too succesful on those areasas I do love a good cake and tea ans biscuits … for now running is mty major attempt to get healthier… LOL!


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