On the Front Porch

So, I’ve moved again.  I’m staying with a family from church, who live close to Redeemer and just north of downtown.  And the best part about this neighborhood: there’s a front porch culture.  And I love it.  So one of my new rhythms is “Mornings on the Porch.”  They probably won’t look the same, yet every day will probably include a smoothie and some reading or writing.


This particular morning included reading the Ascension Sunday prayer and scriptures from the Book of Common Prayer, praying through my longings for this year, filling out my weekly health journal for the doctor, reading some Sunday school material on Christian Identity and Calling, buying meat online from a local farm, talking to a neighbor who came to say ‘hi’, writing this blog post, and editing a poem for my last poetry class.  Quite the morning.

I’m a person who thrives on structure and consistency, yet I also love adventures and changing up my rhythms for different seasons.  I’m getting better, yet my health still takes a lot of time in the beginning stages of healing.  Rhythms are important for me to rejuvenate, learning healthy habits and routines that I naturally enjoy. So on the porch swing, I will keep digging into healthy routines this summer.

A few of my other summer rhythms include:

-Weekly visits to Eagle Creek park (best city park in Indy!)

-Weekly farmer’s market trips (with a friend preferred)

-Neighborhood Walks-various neighborhoods, close and maybe a little far away.

-Frequent 1 coffee shop all summer & walk there (and drink tea 🙂

-Consistent patterns of making bone broth and fermenting vegetables

-Find 2 summer pen pals & get back to letter writing

-Tutoring one of my former students

-Outdoor concert at least every other week


What are your summer rhythms? 

How do you plan to cultivate rest and delight this summer, rather than frantic busyness?


One Reply to “On the Front Porch”

  1. Love this, friend. I’m doing the hard work of rooting out excess right now so I can make space for summer rhythms in a few weeks. These are the rhythms I want: coffee/tea on the back porch, outdoor movies at the IMA, and dinners with friends with you.


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