Dinner on the Farm

Wow!  It’s been a crazy few weeks.  There’s lots to update, but the biggest update is that I’m officially stepping down from teaching.  I’m entering into my final two weeks.  Teaching is much too demanding for my body and I need to do a job that is more integrative into the life I’m currently living.  I have a “shadow day” at a local breakfast and lunch place on the northside next week, to see where my niche would be at this restaurant.  I’ll keep you posted!

But the title of this post brings us to this past Tuesday night.  Chels and I had dinner at a restaurant on a dairy farm.  It was a perfect getaway into the “country” and to go to a place that feels like “us.”  The interior of the restaurant was simple, yet elegant.


Wildflowers in an everyday vase.  White tablecloths.  Wood all around.  A second story barn looking onto the farm.  Waitresses and waiters who moved slowly.  The pace on the farm slows down.

Chels and I could soak in the beauty and dream.   We talked about our fall break plans, trying to cut off the school talk.  We laughed and observed other couples, explaining to each other if we liked their interactions.  It was our kind of place.  Simple. Quality food. Purposeful and elegant.  A place where we could rest.

Tuesday night dinners out is a weekly rhythm we both love.  We cook so long during the week, prioritizing the benefits of healing foods.  Yet on Tuesdays we get to enjoy quality food that someone else makes, so our minds aren’t so focused on logistics.  We don’t feel so isolated, out of the confines of our apartment.

Thanks Chels for dinner on the farm!


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