As I sip a home-ade mocha in the wee hours of this Saturday morning, listening to Bing Crosby and the rain pitter-patter on the window, I’m resting in the fact that it’s Advent season. A time for me that used to be filled with endless Christmas parties, Secret Santas, and hoping that I didn’t forget to give someone a gift.  But I’m learning to embrace the stillness and beauty and declare that my deepest desire is that Christ be here, in my midst, in our midst.



Don’t get me wrong, I still love making Christmas cookies, decorating, watching Christmas movies and sending out cards.  I get extremely nostalgic around Christmas, yet I don’t want nostalgia to drown out the present.  The present spent with mornings in the Prophets (Jeremiah 23 and Isaiah 11), reviewing my longings from this past year and starting to voice my longings for this upcoming year.  Dusting off my hymnal from the bookshelf and sitting with Christmas hymns.  Taking chilly morning walks.

I want to wait well.  I want my heart to ache and long for His coming.  I want to name my limitations and not criticize myself, knowing that Christ came as a baby.  I want to more deeply accept that Christ came for me.  That even as I know his deeply penetrating love, I see that He came for the rest of creation.  He desires that all of us dwell safely.

What do you desire from this Advent season?  



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