A Year In Review

I want to end the year reviewing some of the highlights of 2015, some things that I’ve posted about, and some things that I haven’t.  I hope you also spend some time to think about the blessings of 2015, ones that are obvious and maybe even ones hiding in a dark corner.


-Going to a Michigan vs. Purdue basketball game in W. Lafayette for my birthday

-Being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s

-Going to a Penny and Sparrow and Josh Garrels’ concert

-Visiting my sister at Grove City for a sister trip and at graduation

-Visiting Chelsea in Memphis

-Celebrating that Chels went into remission and moved to Indy

-Living with two different families in Indy

-Working at Vision Academy and Dyslexia Institute

-Hosting a “I’m getting healthier” party in May

-Eating at several local restaurants

-Traveling to Chicago

-Sharing my testimony at Redeemer

– Attending a liturgical church and Tuesday night sermon discussions at the barn

-Starting my spiritual direction course

-Taking a poetry class

-Participating in 3 different retreats

-Completing one year of blogging

-Tweaking treatment plans, slowly getting healthier

-Watching plenty of Gilmore Girls and Parks and Rec

-Shopping at farmer’s markets

-Baking for fall and winter

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, friends!  Be on the look out for more thematic writing in 2016.

What are your blessings of 2015?


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