What Do You Want Me To Do For You?

This year on Mondays we are going to be sitting with gritty questions.  I hope that you will interrogate reality deeply with me, for we all must ask ourselves hard questions in order to grow and change and hope.

At the beginning of the year, so many of us are focused on goals.  Even insightful blog posts point out that there’s more at play than just sheer willpower when writing out New Year’s resolutions.  At an emotional level what goes deeper than goals are longings.

Goals keep us striving, while longings tug at our emotions.  


What do you really want for 2016?  What do you really want in this moment?

At first when I was getting comfortable with answering that question, it seemed selfish.  We just came off a season of giving–and if we’re honest, while it is nice to receive gifts, receiving can be very difficult.  Giving makes us feel good, helps ease our conscience in a way.

Sit still in a quiet place for a few minutes, breathing deeply in and out.  Let yourself dream about what you really long for.  Picture this in your mind.

After you’ve settled with this image, imagine the Lord entering into this conversation with you.  He’s sitting beside you looking into your eyes.  He asks, “What do you want me to do for you?”  

How do you reply?  What emotions do you feel as you hear this question?

Write down your answer on a piece of paper.  Read your longings often.  Share them with someone you trust.  Come before the Lord as your true self, with your deepest longings.  He’s the one who gave you these longings in the first place.

If you’re comfortable, share your longings in the comments.  I’d love to keep this conversation going.  I will be sharing my process of writing my longings, and share some specific ones on Friday.


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