Longings for 2016

In early December, I took a half-day retreat at Sustainable Faith Indy.  I was led upstairs to a simple, quiet room with a large window looking out onto the neighborhood street.  I read through Luke’s account of the birth of Christ and was left to ponder how all the persons of the story of Christ’s birth, brought forth a particular light.  Every character had distinct longings.

So do each of us.


After I spent some time in Scripture, I grabbed a piece of blank computer paper and a pen.  I started to list out some of my longings for the upcoming year.  I make a distinction between longings and resolutions.

Resolutions are something that I typically force myself to do, after seeing some deficit in myself.  

Longings are what I truly desire.  What I really want.  They may be something I work towards tangibly, or something I must wait for.  

Here are a sampling of my longings below:

  • Set up a writing schedule and stick to it. 4-5 hours of writing per week. Keep blogging weekly. Comment on others’ blogs, potentially guest blog. Seek out a writing community.
  • Start a family recipe box. Try new recipes often. Listen to my body, what I crave, what I need, what foods I can incorporate back into my diet.
  • Embrace lazy days. Full of movies and music and being home without guilt or the need to be doing more.
  • Find a healthy rhythm of hospitality.
  • Stay near to suffering, my own and other’s, but not let it drive me to despair.


Take your time.  Your longings do not have to be written out in one sitting.  But I hope this year you will ask the ongoing question, “What do I long for?”  Does your life reflect what your true longings are?

Journey with me friends, both in the art of lament and love.  We have much to learn, much to gain.

What are your longings?  Describe the experience of writing out your longings.  


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