Daily Peace

Peace is often found with thankfulness, solitude, or communal enjoyment.  It’s marked by a sense of calm, of joy, of contentment.  Peace is in the present moment, not in regrets from the past, or from worrying about the future.  Peace is first found in that inner quiet, and then it can extend to others.


So on this Friday, I want to list out small, little things in which I experience peace when I am fully attuned to the moment and see the Lord in the present.

  • Writing in my journal, peering out the back sliding glass door onto my baseball field backyard.
  • Making a simple breakfast, cutting open avocados, peeling the skin off a kiwi.
  • Doing yoga in silence on the large floor rug in the living room.
  • Practicing centering prayer and meditating on a certain passage in Scripture.
  • Drying off the dishes and putting them away.
  • Thankfulness in giving and receiving forgiveness
  • Walking in nature
  • Moisturizing my face with coconut oil.
  • Writing out a weekly thankful list
  • Watering my herb garden
  • Reading daily passages from Henri Nouwen’s Bread for the Journey
  • Cooking a large pot of soup for the week
  • Ending the day with a West Wing episode with my roommate
  • Repetitive liturgy

How do you experience peace?  What environments/activities allow you to most clearly hear the still, small voice of God?


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