I Wonder

Today I’m responding to my own question from Monday:

What am I wondering about? 


  • I wonder if I’ve curled up this winter and been more sedentary in order to remember how much I love to read a whole book in a day.
  • I wonder if I’m creating a more quiet, open space in my own life but also my apartment that lends itself to hospitality and deeper conversations.
  • I wonder if I’m giving myself space to accept my past, see it more clearly, and know that I’ve been loved in every phase of my life.
  • I wonder if I’ve re-discovered my love of theology by more reading and conversations and energy to engage in deeper dialogue.
  • I wonder if solitude and accepting my limitations has allowed me to be “free from being needed” more than ever in my life. (Accepting that my worth doesn’t come from being needed).
  • I wonder if I’m allowing myself to be more myself–more introverted and nerdy–than I often present myself as.

Lent is helping me to remember that I’m loved in my mess, and the mess is often discovered when I slow down and am in a posture to see slow workings of God.


2 Replies to “I Wonder”

  1. You are truly a remarkable woman!
    At your age I’m certain people do not know or wonder about anything

    You have provided spiritual insight and provoked us to stop and ask meaningful questions.

    I enjoy reading your blog and I share with my daughter and discuss certain subjects.

    Truly inspiring!! Have you ever thought of making this a career?
    You should because it truly is your talent!!

    Kind regards


    1. Kristine,

      Thank you for your kind words. Honestly, I have no idea what the future holds, but all I know for now is that I need a place to put all my wandering thoughts. I’m glad my blog can be a springboard for discussion with your daughter.


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