When There Aren’t Any Questions…

I noticed this past weekend that my body and my thoughts just needed more space, to move to breathe.

My deepest longing was that I wanted spring to come.

I was feeling cramped by long dark days and bitter winds, and the color gray.

So I got up early on Friday, when it was already 45 degrees, bundled up, and drove up Lafayette Road (what a quick, quiet drive in the morning!) to Eagle Creek Park.


My thoughts stilled in nature.  I could just walk on the muddy paths, hear the geese continuously squawking, glad that they were enjoying the warmer weather too.

Memories flowed as I thought back to other times in the park: a Memorial Day picnic with my sister, a silent walking retreat this fall, a welcome-to-Indy walk with Chels.

I was just glad for a taste of spring.  I wasn’t thinking of anything deeply or asking any questions.

Nature calls forth our desire to be still, to observe and enjoy what it around us.  


Nature reminds us to honor our bodies, to move through the woods on its winding path as quickly or as slowly as we need.  But nature asks us to pay attention.

What are you paying attention to currently?  


2 Replies to “When There Aren’t Any Questions…”

  1. After reading this, I’m aware of how much time I’ve been spending up in my head. I need to get in nature and honor my body with my feet walking on dirt and leaves and grass.


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