Spring Walks

I’m so ready for spring, and yet I’m learning patience as there’s still trickles of flurries in the forecast.

But as soon as it’s a little light, around 7am, I get out of bed, put on my coat and take a half hour walk.  Walking is an essential for me–so I feel like I’m still shedding my stir-craziness from winter.  It helps me clear my mind, calms my emotions and spirits.


I love feeling the cold wind on my face, seeing crazy runners running on the trail (that used to be me!), my legs feeling grounded to the earth.  Walking allows me to remember that healing is happening.

As a child, my dad would push me in a wagon around the block.  As I grew older, I still loved taking walks around the block during a summer sunset.  Nothing special about our half mile figure 8 of a neighborhood; it just seemed like a good way to end the day.

When I lived in Chicago, I quickly learned that I loved that walking and trains were my forms of transportation.  I would meander in quaint neighborhoods, getting away from the bustle of downtown.   I found storefront ethnic restaurants, cathedrals with open doors, small hidden parks.  Walking and finding new favorite spots was a special form of adventure for me.

I have no problem going on long walks by myself.  Walks allow my imagination to flourish.  Walking provides writing inspiration.  But honestly I just do it because I love it!

What do you get excited about as spring approaches?


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