Working with my Hands

During Lent, at Dwelling Place we are talking about one of the seven deadly sins: acedia.  Simply defined, acedia is a spiritual sloth, a hatred of place, of manual labor, of the present moment.  Symptoms include fantasizing, thinking about “life would be better if…”, a difficulty in accepting one’s gifts and limitations.  Life must always be greener on the other side.

I’ve been thinking as the beginning of spring coincides with the middle of Lent,

What is helping me stay in the present moment?

Baking.  I’m still trying to do the hard work of watching my sugar intake, and yet I love baking.  So I find that baking snacks for my students, for my coworkers is something I truly enjoy.  Time seems to slow down.  I enjoy getting about the teaspoons, measuring cups, coconut flour and vanilla extract.  The smells, combining the dry ingredients and the wet ingredients, smelling a cookie aroma throughout the entire apartment and watching them rise.  I love it all (except maybe the dishes!)

Here is the recipe for lemon-blueberry scones.  A yummy breakfast treat!


In what ways do you uniquely enjoy the present moment?


One Reply to “Working with my Hands”

  1. Any activity with my family
    Movies at home (we talk a lot during!) bowling , or snugling on the coach and talk
    As a mother it’s what I love
    Plus as you can see my family are talkers and sometimes it makes me stop to listen to them
    Thanks Alyssa for today’s message it made me a grown woman to STOP and appreciate the NOW
    God Bless


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