Looking More Carefully

On Monday, I quoted Parker Palmer speaking about spring.  I absolutely loved the phrase:

“Look more carefully for the green stems of possibility…”

Honestly, this is a practice I’m working hard at right now.  Instead of just seeing the mud and rain of spring, I want to think towards, “What is slowly growing beneath the surface?”

In order to look more carefully, I need to move slower.  My attention needs to stay on one thing for longer.  I need to linger both with my dreams and what is more uncomfortable.  I tend to move away from what makes me feel “other.”


The Lord keeps on gently calling towards maturity.  I can either choose to listen to His invitation or move away from it.  In February I read several books written by a feminist German theologian, that expanded my thoughts about the theology of our bodies.  I resonated so deeply with her writings, and now I’m answering the question, “What do I do with this feeling?”  This is a green stem of possibility.

I had a meeting with my boss last week in which we brainstormed so many different topics and directions.  But it looks as if I will be salaried by the fall, that all my hours can be clumped together, and this allows me to only work from one place.  This is a green stem of possibility.

I’m wondering what it looks like to continue practice spiritual direction, even as my class finishes in May.  I’m thinking about people who may want to enter into a relationship of spiritual direction or how I may be involved at Dwelling Place. This is a green stem of possibility.

I’m learning that possibility doesn’t just mean an upcoming opportunity.  Daily moment, by moment I have the opportunity to be in community with God and those around me.  This is an ever-abundant green stem of possibility.  I just need to say yes.

What green stems of possibility are you noticing in your life?


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