What Can’t You Do Without?

On Friday, I sat down with my spiritual director in the basement library in her church.  She engaged with me in my past month, how I met God and saw Him at work.

We started in silence.

I shared about how God is working in me to accept my hiddenness that comes with sickness-and to embrace my gifts with joy.

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As I spoke my spiritual director asked well-timed questions.  She spoke of themes of hiddenness and stability, of contentment and gratitude.  She sat with me in the silence, in my rambling.

She invited me into a time of silence and contemplating my gratitude for life right now. She closed by praying for me in soft tones.

As we said goodbye, we hugged and talked for a few minutes about the upcoming month.

I left thinking, “I can’t do without people who share healthy silence with me.”

There’s something refreshing to me about just getting to reflect and speak knowing that the person listening truly cares.  She isn’t going to interrupt me or take the conversation in another direction.  The hour is mine-and she isn’t looking to fix my problems.

She simply finds joy in being with me, hearing from me, and experiencing God’s presence together.

I’m thankful for the practice of spiritual direction and the silence we experience together.

What can’t you do without?


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