Needed Rest

I noticed the weariness in my body as Easter was approaching and in this week after.

So I decided to take things a little slower.

As I ease into my newer lifestyle of more silence and stillness, longer meals and renewing routines, I find that I’m less frustrated when my body gives me clues.

“Slow down. Rest awhile. The world keeps on going even as you pull away for a bit.”

I can be my own worst critic at times.

So my body reminds me when I’m weary and I long for much needed rest.


My excuses can abound:

  • I only work part-time.  I shouldn’t need to rest like I do.
  • I already rest a lot.  Why more?
  • Why can older people live a much more hectic lifestyle than I do?
  • I want to be more active, and resting seems to slow me down.

I tend to need rest when I’m not reading or writing very much.  There’s been a lull, a disinterest, a boredom, even though I love both things.  Slowing down and pursuing the things I love, helps my mind become at ease as well.


There’s joy last weekend as I visited a coffee shop in Bloomington and had the freedom to read for 2 hours. There’s freedom in exploring a college-town that I’ve never walked, eating lots and walking into book stores, record stores, underground coffee shops, and a vegan and gluten-free bakery.

After the busier church calendar with Holy Week, with Easter celebrations, and cooking, I needed a respite.

Part of celebrating Easter is celebrating that I’m being made whole, in my activity and my rest.

When do you notice that you need rest? What are your favorite ways of resting?


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