Time off used to mean trips across the country, or at least several hours away to see friends or family.  Time-off was packed with activity.  Yet as I’ve reflected on this spring break, which I’ve stayed home, there are these small moments that linger in my mind.  Time slows down, and this in many ways is a richer gift than running around with travel.

I’ve enjoyed lovely culinary spots in Indy, letting myself indulge in goat cheese and french fries. I’ve walked a new college campus, and spent time hiking on a chilly day with my sister at Fort Harrison State Park.  There’s been long coffee-shop conversations over a cup of tea at Calvin Fletcher’s, Lino’s and SoHo.  I’ve baked a blueberry peach cobbler for a church potluck and coconut flour biscuits as an after dinner snack.  I’ve cooked a chicken lemon kale soup and citrus-thyme pot roast.


I read two books in the last week: Dakota: A Spiritual Geography  by Kathleen Norris and Silence: The Journey to Inner Quiet by Barbara Taylor.  I’ve let these contemplative works seep into my bones, in order that I be disturbed a little.  I visited the IMA, gazing into the genius of Renoir, Monet, Picasso, but also let myself be attracted to George Morren’s painting Sunday Afternoon.

I’ve listened to the Lumineers and watched Parks & Rec, along with Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Bucket List.  I went summer shorts shopping on a cool, rainy spring day when I just wanted to see the sun.  I’ve started a new journal and written 23 pages in a few short days.  I’ve spoken deeply of theology with a friend and starting dreaming about summer trips.


Space allows me to dream.  Solitude enlivens my creative side, which then invigorates my desire for hospitality. I’m trying to celebrate the smaller things in life.  So now I’m planning a “Come celebrate with me because I’m still working” breakfast for later this month.  I’m wanting to invite others into my life to celebrate that my health is in a much better place.  No occasion is needed.

How do you recognize space in your life? Do you enjoy it or run from it?


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