Conversation Around Poetry

Hi friends,

Today I’m going to post my first poem in a set of poems I started this Lent, with the theme of my relationship to my body.

These poems started out of my thoughts, feelings, and experiences of my body throughout my life, but especially when I was really sick.  And then I kept writing and found that my body had some things to say to me!  It has been the start of a beautiful conversation-one that I want to start sharing with others.

This year during Lent I found myself hunkering down in my apartment and reading some feminist theology.  This reading sparked many questions.

  • How does my body fit into my theology?
  • How does my body impact my relationship with God?
  • What does my body want to say to God?

These questions set me on my journey to write, and I fully intend to keep adding to this set.  Enjoy!




My Body, My Prison

I stare numbly at the ceiling

with fire-cracker-like shooting

pain up and down my legs.

I read a humorous Billy Collins’

poem about counting all the

sheep in the world that only

insomniacs would understand.

I watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix,

wondering what guy Lorelai will

end up with next.  I reach over

to the bedside table to a glass of

water and a hanful of pills.

I lather my body with soap

for ten minutes then step out of

the shower and stare at this pale

face in the mirror.

I dream about my next-life, where my

brain can think and I don’t have

to leave a party early.

Yet as I sip on lukewarm broth

my joints creak like the floors

of this hundred year old house.


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