My Body, Healing

The poetry sharing continues this week!  Here’s another poem I wrote this spring about various lessons learned as I’ve committed to my health being top priority.




My Body, Healing


It’s a process-an imperfect one.

I take food out, put it back in,

then binge on sugar.

Nice try. Start over.


Go back to work at a fourth school.

Admit you want to write instead.


Attend a concert until midnight.

Just know that you’ll need a day alone tomorrow.


Tag along to a hockey game.

Leave because there’s too much noise.


Visit the dentist.

Let her know that X-rays are harmful to you.


Plan a trip.

Communicate how tired you’ll get.


Go to a restaurant.

Is there a gluten-free menu?


Spend a day alone.

Let others deal with their shit without you.


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