Chores and Pounding Nails

Spare moments these days are spent trying to get the scum that won’t come off the kitchen floor.

They are spent pounding nails into the wall, hanging up one picture at a time, adding some color.

They are spent forgetting where my car keys are, and turning on the wrong light switch.

They are spent remembering that I really do need to get another soap dispenser for the second bathroom!

These moments are simple, yet recurring moments in my newly moved state.

Yet, there’s something special about this state, even though I would like to the to-do list checked off as quick as possible.

I love to create order, to organize, to make sense out of piles and trash.  Even I love the throw the books to the side for awhile, and engage in manual labor, and be nourished by the rhythm of the mop, the placing of the fingers so exactly as to not be hit by the hammer.

I love creating spaces that feel simple, yet sacred.  Thought goes into creating an environment that feels calm and restorative, a place where honesty and vulnerability can slowly heal, both myself and others.


Slowly, but surely, my office is becoming a place of both joy and resolve, of writing and rest.  For writing inspiration, I have put hopeful quotes by Allison (please, please check out her blog here), in frames and hung them to the right of my desk.  These are my simple reminders that writing is worth it, and that it’s healing for me and others.

What simple moments are full of meaning for you right now?


Tethered to Home

On Friday, I posted about taking a break from the blog as I underwent some major transitions.  This weekend, I enjoyed grounding myself in my home in the 98 degree heat, and doing some cooking of all things!

While vacation felt lavish in the eating out and staying one night in a 4 star hotel, my body can’t go too long without intensely craving the food of home, the food that I make.  My body missed the rhythms of waking up and eating breakfast at 6:30am, only to be hungry for lunch by 10:30am.  I missed meat and vegetables.  I missed my creativity coming out, by cooking and trying new dishes.

So Saturday night was pizza night!  Chels and I rushed home from church, to make the pizza dough and throw that in the oven.

  1. You can find the auto-immune paleo pizza crust here.  (Note: pictures aren’t glamorous, just a result of two messy cooks in a small-ish kitchen!)


2. Spread the kale pesto as an alternative to tomato sauce!


3. Add the toppings, which this time happened to be ground turkey and goat cheese.


4. Throw the pizza back into the oven for several minutes, until the goat cheese is melted to your satisfaction.

5. Take out the pizza, and put on some arugula.  Let it cool, and then serve.


What activities do you enjoy that tether you to your home?  

My Blogging Break

A lovely blogger helped me frame my thoughts of the last several weeks of silence on my own blog.  I simply just needed margin.

IMG_0675 IMG_0662

It’s been a very busy last six weeks, and there’s too much to recount here in this post, yet I will list out broad strokes.

  • I moved!  Now I live in a 3 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom duplex and I’m closer to work.
  • I finished summer camp with DII.  I learned that I’m ready for a 30 hour work week this fall, but that 5 weeks of intense daily remediation with students is very taxing on my body.
  • I vacationed!  A quick long weekend to Michigan simply to eat and be was very lovely.
  • I asked for help.  Chels and I received so much help in meal prep, cleaning and moving.  I’m thankful for others with margin, who offered their help.
  • I had a doctor’s appointment.  I added medication to help deal with my seasonal allergies and a more intense regiment to help wipe out candida.

IMG_3185 IMG_3173

Now that my busiest part of the summer is over, I have the opportunity to take David Whyte’s words seriously:

We are rested when we let things alone and let ourselves alone to do what we do best; breathe as the body intended us to breathe, to walk as we were meant to walk, to live with the rhythm of a house and home, giving and taking through cooking and cleaning.

FullSizeRender IMG_3157 

And with a return to my slower, daily rhythms means more time to write as well.  Thanks for reading and for waiting when even words need to wait.