Tethered to Home

On Friday, I posted about taking a break from the blog as I underwent some major transitions.  This weekend, I enjoyed grounding myself in my home in the 98 degree heat, and doing some cooking of all things!

While vacation felt lavish in the eating out and staying one night in a 4 star hotel, my body can’t go too long without intensely craving the food of home, the food that I make.  My body missed the rhythms of waking up and eating breakfast at 6:30am, only to be hungry for lunch by 10:30am.  I missed meat and vegetables.  I missed my creativity coming out, by cooking and trying new dishes.

So Saturday night was pizza night!  Chels and I rushed home from church, to make the pizza dough and throw that in the oven.

  1. You can find the auto-immune paleo pizza crust here.  (Note: pictures aren’t glamorous, just a result of two messy cooks in a small-ish kitchen!)


2. Spread the kale pesto as an alternative to tomato sauce!


3. Add the toppings, which this time happened to be ground turkey and goat cheese.


4. Throw the pizza back into the oven for several minutes, until the goat cheese is melted to your satisfaction.

5. Take out the pizza, and put on some arugula.  Let it cool, and then serve.


What activities do you enjoy that tether you to your home?  


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