Rainy Day People-Watching

I love days where I have enough margin, that I can be quiet and observe.  I find myself smiling and laughing, remembering that life is full of abundance: laughter and tears and toddler temper tantrums.

Today I sat on a comfy recliner in the children’s section of Glendale library.  I watched a 3 year old boy, in his boredom, pull his shirt up and say, “Look at me, Mom!” She responded in a loud voice, “Pull your shirt down!”

I observed a “black male stereotype” get broken by watching a young African-American father read four children’s books to his two year old daughter.  I watched him smile as she ran back to the shelves, wanting to pick out more books.


I smiled as two boys: one black and one white shared a computer chair and engaged in dialogue, “You can come over here and share a seat with me.”

I listened to a young girl sing the ABC’s proudly, while the boy who pulled his shirt up, started singing with her from across the library.

Kids reach out without judgment.  They do not register being self-conscious or wonder how others will think of them.  They just want to play; they just want a friend.  Oh, how we as adults need to return to this childlike simplicity!

What if our adult yearning for friendship was acknowledged and the simple question was asked: Would you like to be my friend?


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