What’s Saving My Life This Fall

I’m an avid reader of this blogger, who seasonally will list what’s saving her life.  And every time I read these posts, I think, “What a wonderful habit.”


So here’s my attempt at recounting what’s saving my life:

  • Walks around downtown Zionsville, watching the trees change color
  • Friday smoothies involving dates, blueberries, flax milk, avocado and almond butter
  • The smell of Thieves essential oil in my homemade cleaner
  • Yoga most mornings or an occasional Friday afternoon class
  • Making pizza on Friday nights
  • Listening to Penny and Sparrow while putting dishes away and making breakfast
  • Leaving the work checklist behind for a moment and take time to watch the miracle of students coming out of their shell
  • Meaningful conversations over a cup of tea
  • Doctors who are helping with medication switches
  • Walks with a friend at Eagle Creek
  • Watching Gilmore Girls religiously, even though I’m hating Season 7
  • Reading healing affirmations on the walls of my apartment, for example, “You are doing a good job.”
  • Trying to remain centered even with the cultural frenzy of the election
  • Cedarwood essential oil making my room smell like autumn
  • Honeycrisp apples with sunbutter
  • Local adventures, like finding this discount food store: Under the Sun
  • Finding bits of time to write
  • Reading fairy tales with my students


What is saving your life right now?


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