This following post, I read at The Dwelling Place, as I reflected about this year and the small moments that have cultivated gratefulness in me.



One of those notes from a difficult student that you hold onto! 


This time last year, I had just quit another job and I was starting another one. I was tired and fearful and yet trying to believe that there was a job out there that I didn’t have to quit after three months. I was new to Dwelling Place, just starting my job at the Dyslexia Institute, and just getting new treatments from a new doctor. There was a lot of new to juggle, and I was exhausted of new and transition.


Yet this year has been about small glimpses of beauty, hope and goodness. In the midst of continuing to learn what a healthy lifestyle means for me with a chronic illness, I’ve journeyed through a year of spiritual direction training, a course to grow my skills in teaching dyslexia. I’ve gone from working four hours per week to 35 hours. I’ve recently just accepted a literacy coach position at ACE Prep, a new charter school in South Broad Ripple.


I have a doctor who believes me and works hard to help me be as whole as possible. I’m apart of the most supportive communities I’ve ever been a part of in my life. I meet with a spiritual director who continually reminds me that God is much more kind and gentle than I ever thought. I’ve made really good food, and I’ve had awesome help moving, not once but twice.


Many of you have listened to my story and have responded graciously. I have wonderful friends who are walking this journey with me.


I’ve had moments of my journey where I couldn’t imagine a future of health. I didn’t even know what getting better would feel like. And yet, I’m living this journey where getting better is slowly becoming a reality.   There are still really bad days, flare ups and days when I want to quit. Yet I’m thankful that I now can be thankful for smaller and smaller moments. Small moments of healing have made this year a good one, even amidst the struggle.


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