Meet Alyssa

Hey there,

My name is Alyssa, blogger at Lament & Love.

I am most happy if I am having a heart-to-heart conversation with a close friend, or in a coffee shop with a book and my journal.

If you’re into Myers-Briggs, I’m an INTJ, and yet like to think that I am not boxed into those 4 letters (Female INTJ’s make up .8% of the population).

Indianapolis is my home and I love Half-Price books, the IMA, Eagle Creek Park, and health foods stores.

I love kale and ice cream.  I’m learning to accept that giving up dairy is necessary, so I’m glad for coconut milk based ice cream!

My bookshelf is a combination of theology, classic literature, children’s books, and memoirs.

I’m a used-to-be runner who now enjoys daily yoga.

If I’m watching college basketball, I am cheering for Wisconsin or Michigan in an oversized sweatshirt.

I’ve come to identify myself as a writer living with Hashimoto’s.  My sickness has stretched me to be more compassionate, patient, and reflective. I’m learning to step into my God-given particular identity, instead of trying to run from it.

This is where I write my story.  Welcome.


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